The DA Alliance brings together organisations working on the frontline of domestic abuse across the UK with the legal sector to deliver joined-up instant legal assistance and protection for victims.

The DA Alliance was established in 2019 to enable victims of domestic abuse to receive immediate specialist legal support to empower them and help to break the cycle of abuse.

The free to use WEPROTECT app and online portal has been developed by the DA Alliance in conjunction with police and domestic abuse support service providers.

All victims referred through WEPROTECT benefit from early legal assistance and intervention, ensuring that the relevant course for protection is actioned without delay.

WEPROTECT is transforming the response to domestic abuse for partners in the following ways:

  • Enabling instant referrals for early legal assistance
  • Granting specialist legal expertise
  • Delivering real-time monitoring of victim journey
  • Saving time and resources
  • Providing powerful data and insight to help make informed decision
  • Zero cost to partners

WEPROTECT is empowering victims in the following ways:

  • Pro-actively ensuring early legal assistance and protection is available
  • Access to empowering advice and information
  • Specialist legal representation
  • Legal Aid for eligible victims
  • Pro-bono support for victims with no recourse to funding
  • Zero cost to victims

The DA Alliance is a private limited company which invests in the development of free to use solutions for organisations working on the frontline of domestic abuse. The WEPROTECT app is completely free to use for police and front-line service providers.

Approximately 9 out of 10 individuals that are referred to the DA Alliance will be eligible for legal aid. For individuals that are illegible for legal aid and have no recourse to private funding, our legal partners are obligated to provide the support pro bono – at no cost. This is relevant when for example there is significant equity in a victim’s home but in practical terms, they do not have access to the capital.

The DA Alliance is a private limited company that works with a network of SRA regulated legal partners to provide professional legal assistance to victims of domestic abuse. Our legal partners pay a license fee to access the WEPROTECT online portal within which they will be able to manage victim referrals. The license fee enables the DA Alliance to fund its operations, and invest in the research and development of our technology solutions to help organisations working on the frontline of domestic abuse.

Approx. 2,782 victims have been referred to the DA Alliance 

Approx. 281 protection orders have been granted

182 warning letters have been issued 

1622 pieces of legal advice have been provided

All initial outreach with domestic abuse victims is through the DA Alliance. DA Alliance’s legal advisors are legally trained (all have law degrees) and they carry out an initial assessment with the victim and then refer them to legal partners if a solicitor is required e.g. to seek a court order.

The DA Alliance’s primary legal partner is Morgan Wiseman Solicitors. However, we understand the importance of providing legal support to individuals within their local community. We are establishing a network of legal partners across England and Wales to provide this local support.

Predominantly, our specialist domestic abuse support service providers are in the Cambs, Herts and Beds area. However, we are linked into several local and national domestic abuse forums, via our local authority and government partners, as well as through our charitable service providers. Looking to the future, as use of the WEPROTECT app rolls out across police forces, our network of partners will also grow.

Currently our primary referrers are the police (typically the force DA lead who will take the decision to pilot/roll out the app to their Change Board for approval), local authorities, and local service providers. This network will continue to expand organically, in areas where we receive local referrals. We will be looking to work with legal partners with strong local knowledge, and the professional qualities that reflect how we want to grow this service to best support victims of domestic abuse.

Police attend DA incident – referral made to DA Alliance via WEPROTECT app (with victim’s consent – takes 60 seconds) – DA Alliance contact victim (usually within 24 hours) – legal support provided by legal partner. 

Police have access to the WEPROTECT online portal so they can track each referral [this is an important feedback loop].

This process could have previously taken up to 2 weeks as a referral would be made by the police to a local specialist support service that would then refer the victim onward to a legal partner. With WEPROTECT the referral to contacting timeline can be within minutes.

In the interests of supporting a victim quickly, the DA Alliance can also signpost them to specialist local support services, if required.

A victim of domestic abuse may decide to re-contact the DA Alliance if, for example, they wish to apply to the court to extend an injunction. Crucially, a copy of any court order granted is shared with the police (by the DA Alliance) so that they can exercise enforcement measures if they are required.

The WEPROTECT app and online portal is built on one of the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. The CRM provider’s data centre strategy supports its commitment to run the most secure, trusted, reliable, and available cloud computing service, delivering the highest standard in availability, performance, and security. In addition the WEPROTECT app features multiple layers of encryption to ensure the highest level of data security from interception and decryption.

The WEPROTECT app is already fully developed and tested. From an operational/technical perspective it is ready to roll out nationwide.

Yes, there is potential for the app to be used to refer victims of other crimes, we are exploring alternatives and will announce updates on prospective solutions as and when they are ready.