What We Do

Ensuring protection is actioned without delay


The free to use WEPROTECT app and online portal has been developed by the Domestic Abuse Alliance in conjunction with police and domestic abuse support service providers.

All victims referred through WEPROTECT benefit from early legal assistance and intervention, ensuring that the relevant course for protection is actioned without delay.

WEPROTECT transforms the response to domestic abuse

For partners
  • Make instant referrals for early legal assistance
  • Benefit from specialist legal expertise
  • Real-time monitoring of victim journey
  • Save time and resources
  • Data and insight
  • Zero cost for instant victim referral

For victims
  • Early legal assistance and protection
  • Access to empowering advice and information
  • Specialist legal representation at court
  • Legal Aid for eligible victims
  • Pro-bono support for victims with no recourse
  • Zero cost to victims

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me so far. My head was so messed up on Saturday and you understood that I needed time to talk to you. Thank you for your kindness and understanding tonight. I know that you are trying your best to help me out of the situation I find myself in. Everything seems so confusing and draining for me and I know that I could not do this alone.”

Karen B

survivor of domestic abuse

DI David Savill

Cambridgeshire Police
“We had a great example of a victim being contacted within ten minutes of officers leaving an incident – she e-mailed the officer to say how impressed she was with the service.”
“My practitioners tell me that we always get a great service, the clients feel really supported and a really key thing for us is that they get the help quickly.”

Nicola P

Stepping Stones (Domestic Abuse Support Service Provider)

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