police tackling domestic abuse

Hertfordshire Constabulary latest force to adopt WEPROTECT app and protect victims of Domestic Abuse

After a successful pilot phase in Watford, Three Rivers, St Albans & Dacorum, the Domestic Abuse (DA) Alliance’s free-to-use WEPROTECT app has been rolled out to all frontline police officers across Hertfordshire, to help tackle domestic abuse across the county.

Head of the Domestic Abuse Investigation and Safeguarding Unit (DAISU), Detective Chief Inspector Ben Wright, said he was hopeful about the results the WEPROTCT app will yield. ”We have already seen the success of the WEPROTECT app across half of the county, with hundreds of victims being safeguarded from further harm. We are pleased that officers across the rest of the county can now benefit from offering instant legal access to help victims of domestic abuse.

This is especially important at the moment with the latest COVID-19 restrictions in place, making many people within our community more vulnerable to domestic abuse. It is vitally important that those suffering from abuse get the right help and support alongside our police investigations.”

Hertfordshire is the second police force to roll out use WEPROTECT, following Cambridgeshire Police’s adoption of the app in 2020. In Hertfordshire, the Domestic Abuse Alliance are hoping to reach more victims with the Force’s message that “If home isn’t safe, we’re here to help.”

Razi Hassan, Director of Partnerships for the DA Alliance explained the need for immediate legal assistance. “Sadly, we know that COVID-19 has resulted in an escalation of domestic abuse incidents across the UK, with many survivors only able to seek help once lockdown restrictions ease. Now, more than ever, access to legal support can provide a lifeline to those who are desperately trying to escape their abuser.”

Once a referral is made by a Hertfordshire Police officer, the victim of domestic abuse will be assigned a dedicated DA Alliance advisor, who will talk the victim through their legal options. If the victim wishes to.