Caseworkers from The Domestic Abuse Alliance (DA Alliance) put down their files, headsets, and notepads at five o’clock on Thursday evening to support an important domestic abuse charity 04 September 2020- The DA Alliance has so far raised over £1000 for Standing Together Against Domestic Violence to support their vital work in keeping victims of

Domestic Abuse is usually something that people find hard to talk about. This didn’t seem to be the case at the Cambridge City Council and Hertfordshire County Council events this week. The rooms at the Guildhall and the Offley Place Hotel respectively were packed to the rafters with professionals from all areas of business, local

When a woman is raped, why should it be the first instinct to question her sexual choices/preferences or even her actions on the night in question? Time and time again, even in the cases of women dying from abusive partners using the ‘rough sex’ defence it’s always the woman’s fault. The #metoo movement is not enough