Podcast: Domestic Abuse Protection Orders

Since last year, Central Bedfordshire Council has released a number of podcasts around the theme of domestic abuse. The aim of these podcasts is to increase awareness of domestic abuse – and help those experiencing it – by shining a spotlight on the different services that support victims and challenge the behaviours of those who perpetrate it. The council also is reaching professionals working on the frontline of domestic abuse through discussions about the impact of abuse, empowering victims’ voices, and providing knowledge for continued professional development.

So far, the podcast series has delved into topics such as ‘Coercive Control Within A Domestic Abuse Relationship’ and ‘Domestic Abuse: Stalking and Harassment’. Most recently, Shahid Shoeb from the Domestic Abuse Alliance contributed to their latest recording; ‘Domestic Abuse Protection Orders’.

In this episode Shahid explained what protection is available to victims of domestic abuse, such as an occupation order or prohibited steps order. He also stipulated the process to apply for a protective order and the costs that may be involved as well as the length of time an order will last. Shahid also provided practical advice on when a protection order is the correct course of action, and what a victim can do if they feel the order has been breached.

You can listen to the podcast here, and catch up on previous episodes in the series. If you, or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse and needs legal support, call the Domestic Abuse Alliance helpline on 0800 101 7110 or visit our website.