Working with Businesses to Raise Awareness of Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse (DA) Alliance Ambassador Sharon Livermore has founded Domestic Abuse Education as a platform to shared her lived experience of abuse to educate businesses and raise awareness, in order to help people who may currently, or in the future, go through the same thing.

Sharon works with employers to create a positive impact and end the perception and associated stigma that comes from the belief that what happens in a marital home isn’t our business.

Domestic abuse is everyone’s business.

Sharon can educate on the different forms of domestic abuse, how to recognise signs of abuse in the workplace, the impact of abuse on businesses, barriers to disclosing and how to start a conversation about domestic abuse, and signposting to appropriate support.

In partnership with the DA Alliance, Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse, and HR Dept. Sharon has co-created ‘Sharon’s Policy’, a free template domestic abuse policy – and associated guidance notes – so that employers can embed a policy in their workplace immediately.

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